American Cyber League

We believe in the power of innovation to make the world safer. We’ve assembled a consortium of companies that understand existing and emerging threats are ever-expanding and gaps continue to grow between the number of positions required to address these threats and the number of skilled workers available to fill these positions. Together, we ‘re addressing these issues through research and innovation in new tools, methods, and approaches while simultaneously reducing the workforce requirements.

Rapid Prototyping & Delivery

We’re building a world-class, advanced Research and Innovation Center that will enable members to identify and pursue collaborative research efforts to further the state of cybersecurity

Diverse Cyber Capabilities

We’re cultivating consortium of talented individuals and organizations to bridge the gap between government and industry efforts, leveraging industry innovation to advance national cyber efforts

Taking Innovations to Scale

Identify research and innovation opportunities to push the boundaries of cybersecurity and secure funding to pursue projects focused on developing key cyber technologies and training programs

Leading the

With the power of experience, we provide a unified voice for effectively articulating the strategic role cyber technologies play in government and industry.


American Cyber League Mission

The mission of the ACL is to inspire creative, ground-breaking, and novel solutions to secure our collective future through advanced research and innovation conducted by a consortium of like-minded organizations.

  • Join us as we create a safer, more secure world through unparalleled human and machine connections.

Resourcing Cyber Security Solutions

The American Cyber League can deliver innovative solutions to meet critical Cyber Security needs. Please contact us for more information about resourcing Cyber Solutions.

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